How Velox Waitless™ Scales Work

Born in the high speed postal automation industry, the Velox WaitlessTM Scale technology operates at nearly double the processing speed of existing automatic scale systems. The WaitlessTM Scale does not use gravity to effect mass measurement so it is immune to floor and machine vibration. For instance the Velox WaitlessTM Scale for letters is currently deployed in the U.S. Postal Service and works at speeds up to 65,000 pieces per hour.

When challenged by ultra high speed processing requirements, existing gravity based scale systems fail to perform. Relatively long settling times and motion/vibration sensitivity limit the effective throughput of these technologies.

The Velox technology was conceived with the notion of using speed and acceleration in applications where speed is a gating factor. The concept of using acceleration to detect mass is not new; however, the patented application of precision servo feedback technology to this challenge is.

The US Patent Office has awarded Velox 14 patents with additional patents pending in the US and internationally. The Velox technology can be applied to multiple industry verticals where existing scale systems represent a bottleneck or where they cannot function due to environmental challenges.

The Velox Waitless Scales are lower cost, faster and more accurate than current in-line, gravity based weigh scales.


  • Parcels
  • Electronic commerce fulfillment
  • Food processing
  • Baggage
  • Freight
  • Just-in-time inventory fulfillment
  • Robotic-pick inventory quality assurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Basically anything that can be handled with a conveyor belt!


  • High throughput
  • High accuracy
  • Lower cost than competing gravity scales
  • Ability to retrofit existing conveyor systems without breaking current flows
  • Variable configurations including angle of platform, width of conveyor etc.
  • Ability to integrate with command and control automation systems